Kelley Millar

Founder | Event Designer | Chaos Tamer

Kelley will always be there to up level your business and help you succeed by shining bright during your live events. She grew up in the hospitality industry and is passionate about making customer service a top priority. Whether it’s her client’s needs or the strategic goals of the overall event, she makes sure it happens with a genuine smile on her face.

Flock Events LLC isn’t a party planner business or an order taker. We are your strategic partners in making your business events happen professionally. We ensure your goals are met and all attendees walk away inspired. We love to take a concept or an idea, strategize a plan and turn it into an amazing experience filled event for all involved. 

Our primary focus is retreats, conferences, and workshops where people learn, grow & thrive.

Kelley Millar


Many years in the hotel business with a slight detour into heath care. I've owned my current business for ten years. My first business at age twenty-four was a coffee house & deli. I loved it and had it for seven years.


Creating divorce/suddenly single retreats to help women process all those big emotions that go along with a divorce. During the retreat they will be reminded of the kickass woman they were and empowered to walk out on the other side.


Creating amazing events, my family, chickens, dogs & cats, helping others, and being the good in the world I'd like to see.


Might be a crazy chicken lady!

our flock

The Crew

chickens eating carrots

The Ladies


These ladies keep us entertained and less stressed. They also keep us in eggs. These ladies are in their 1st year and their names are Lulu, Gladys, Winnie and Ingrid.



Gerard started out life as Gerty because he was supposed to be a she but they got that wrong at the chicken factory. He is a beautiful boy that now lives on a wonderful farm with many happy hens.


The Babies


Here are the new chicks we added to the flock on Jan 21st. Here are (l-r)    Beatrice, Myrtle, Esther, Adeline & Ellie.