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The dark days of divorce don’t have to linger. Unearth the secrets to finding resolution and discovering all of who you are now by attending Revivify Within.

What is Revivify Within?
Revivify Within is the perfect place to get your sense of self back! 

Hosted by a panel of renowned experts – Revivify Within offers full-service, focused events for women working through the big emotions of divorce or the ending of a long-term relationship. This three-day excursion is designed to help you process the feelings weighing you down, teach you skills to work through them in your everyday life, understand you are not the only one going through this and finally feel yourself begin to thrive.

The first weekend adventrue is November 10-12, 2023

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If you are non-profit wanting to raise some extra funds, let us partner with you for a Grapes of Gratitude event. The non-profit makes all the money. We donate our planning and logistic services to help create this fun and lively money-maker. It’s how Flock Events LLC gives back to our community.

This is a competitive wine tasting event bringing wine lovers, community members, non-profit partners & volunteers together for a wonderfully fun event where the stress isn’t on you to plan every last detail. That’s our job!

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